Inspiration of making TAG Heuer water-proof watches

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Inspiration of making TAG Heuer water-proof watches Empty Inspiration of making TAG Heuer water-proof watches

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Inspiration of making TAG Heuer water-proof watches

Brief introduction of TAG Heuer watches
Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer Watches relentless pursuit of superior performance of the water and underwater sports watch, a number of outstanding achievements of luxury watch design, launched this year the new Aquaracer 500 meters Chronograph and Aquaracer 500 meters full The black watch is one of the two masterpiece. Dream-like Sea World, to challenge the limits of professional diving and sailing watch - TAG Heuer committed to the pursuit of marine sports in no way inferior to its road sports and motor sports passion and persistence. TAG Heuer in 1895 for its first waterproof case applied for a patent, and in 1939 introduced the first waterproof chronograph. In 1942, the brand has released the first regatta sports watch - sailing chronograph (YACHTING timer). TAG Heuer watch SOLUNAR (1949) is the world's first watch with a tide display MAREOGRAPH-SEAFARER (1950) is the first auxiliary timing plate is equipped with tide display and regatta scale disc timer watch.

Reviews on TAG Heuer watches
In 1968, TAG Heuer launched the the NAVIA clock used on board ships, this waterproof clock designed specifically for the cabin dashboard build. In addition, the brand has also introduced the mechanical chronograph with regatta countdown function - SKIPPER, this section watch after the 1972 automatic chronograph version. 1982, TAG Heuer 2000 Series grand launch, the series was made by Jack Heuer, TAG Heuer design, is the first professional sports watch with TAG Heuer Six features "series, these six characteristics is now world-renowned International:

1) anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass table mirror, the inside of the anti-reflective treatment
2) Screw-in crown with double safety gaskets, with dust, water effect
3) water depth of 300 m
4) pointer, hour markers and bezel scale fluorescence effects, underwater legible
5) The unidirectional rotating bezel can accurately measure diving real time-consuming
6) double insurance snap clasp to prevent accidental loosening.

New degree of TAG Heuer watches
These technical features have now become the accepted standards of first-class diving and sports watch. In 2002, TAG Heuer, further, to enhance its underwater performance and reliability by virtue of AQUAGRAPH watch to a new level. The professional diving chronograph with rotating bezel with automatic lock patent, and after a further improvement of the optimization, and more conducive time to read underwater. Watch this section were extremely rigorous testing, the U.S. Navy special operations forces - Seals Task Force (Navy) full recognition of the the SEAL, and its back cover is also engraved with the emblem of seal Task Force.If you want to buy fashion watch, I recommend you Michael Kors Watches


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